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For this project, we were asked to choose someone in a profession we were unfamiliar with and follow them around for an afternoon to observe the struggles they face on the job. Ambitious Ales of Long Beach, CA was generous enough to teach me about the brewing process and allowed me to shadow them on an afternoon where they were kegging their latest brew. 

After a day of observation at the brewery, I concluded that the biggest struggles they faced involved efficiency, quantity, and the maneuverability of the kegs. The Ambitious Keg was created as a way to make it easier and faster to move kegs from the fermentation tanks into storage. The triangular shape allows for more kegs to fit inside the refrigerator compared to a circular keg.

Observational Design

CAD Modeling-Solidworks

Rendering-KeyShot, Photoshop

Untitled_Artwork 63.png
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