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This necklace was designed by blending natural earth resources and modern technology to design made-to-fit spine necklace. This design was inspired by the natural beauty of bones and used an ethically sourced otter spine, which was found washed up on the beach near Cordova, Alaska. Utilizing the Scaniverse app, multiple 3D scans were taken at varying angles to capture the complete mesh. The digital scan was then refined in Meshmixer, where the vertebrae were separated and any imperfections were smoothed out. The final step was to arrange the vertebrae in a serpentine shape, using a 3D scan of myself as a guide. The models were then 3D printed using glow-in-the-dark PLA filament.

3D Scanning- Scanniverse

CAD Modeing- Meshmixer & Blender

3D Printing- CR-10S5

IMG_3507 3.jpg

Otter Spine


3D Scans

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